California Turtle & Tortoise Club

TOO SLO Chapter

A Little TOO SLO History

The San Luis Obispo, CA Chapter

was founded in 1989 as TOO SLO

(Turtle Organization of San Luis

Obispo). In January 1992, TOO

SLO became a branch of the

California Turtle and Tortoise Club 

with only 30 members. After a year

under the Turtle & Tortoise Care

Chapter's sponsorship, TOO SLO became an official chapter

of the California Turtle and Tortoise Club.  

In 2015, TOO SLO has grown to one of the largest chapters in California Turtle and Tortoise Club with over 100 members. The chapter comprises local reptile experts that are ready to help follow chapter members with any reptile questions. TOO SLO is also a leading resource in San Luis Obispo County for anyone interested in learning more or wanting to adopt a turtle or tortoise.  

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California Turtle & Tortoise Club 

A society dedicated to turtle and tortoise preservation,

conservation and education since 1964 promoting and

facilitating the care, rescue and adoption of native and

nonnative species.

California Turtle and Tortoise Club was founded in 1964

and has over 1,500 members world-wide. Membership

in California Turtle and Tortoise Club is managed through

one of the club's many chapters, including the TOO SLO


California Turtle and Tortoise Club Chapters offer monthly meetings that typically include an educational program and a chance to socialize and share information. Many chapters maintain libraries with borrowing privileges for members. Many chapters also hold annual turtle and tortoise shows, sponsor field trips, and participate in community outreach activities. All club members receive the bi-monthly club newsletter, the Tortuga Gazette, as a benefit of membership in California Turtle and Tortoise Club

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