Each year, California Turtle & Tortoise Club (CTTC) Adoption Committees rescue, rehabilitate, and place out thousands of abandoned, lost, seized, injured and/or diseased turtles and tortoises that have been turned in by other humane organizations, members of the general public, local & federal government officials, and veterinarians. These animals are treated, if injured and/or sick, and then placed out as quickly as possible into suitable homes. Because adoption applicants are screened, and also for other humane and legal reasons, ANIMALS ARE USUALLY PLACED ONLY IN REGIONS WITH CTTC CHAPTERS.

If you have an animal that you need to place in a new home or have questions about the California Turtle & Tortoise Club's Adoption Program, please contact either of the following:

TOO SLO Chapter Adoption Chairperson

Bob Thomas

Email: thomas-turtles@juno.com;

Phone: 805/481-5222


California Turtle & Tortoise Club Adoption Committee


Adoption Steps

If you are interested in adopting a turtle or tortoise from the TOO SLO Chapter then complete the following steps:

1. Email the chapter on the Contact Us page to request a adoption application. A chapter representative will email the application.

2. Complete and sign the adoption application. 

3.Either mail the completed application to TOO SLO's mailing address or bring the completed form to a TOO SLO meeting. The mailing address is listed on the second page of the application and on the Contact Us page.

 California Turtle & Tortoise Club

TOO SLO Chapter